Residential Services

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Virus Infections? Pop-ups? Computer Running Slow?

Trust your computer to the professionals!

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Ask about our FREE in-town pickup and drop off service.

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Computer Repair

We support and fix Windows PCs including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and the new Windows 10.

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Laptop Repair

We can repair your laptop, notebook, or tablet. We can replace the screen, upgrade the RAM, replace the Hard Drive, fix your keyboard and more.

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Virus Removal

We know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of those infections. Virus, junkware, spyware, and malware are no match for us.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Keep those precious photo’s and documents safe. We can help you with the proper software to backup your PC or laptop.

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Networking and WiFi

Enjoy the freedom of sharing your Internet, Photos, Music & Files across your home. We can get you connected!.

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Broken Screens

We can replace that broken screen and have your device looking like new. We work on Laptops, Tablets, Apple, and some phones.